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I accept smashing magazine web design challenge

The other day i’m browsing smashing magazine for search something else and i stumbled this challenge; “Write a blog post justifying the design approach you took to one of your websites. Then, encourage other Web designers to provide feedback and ask questions.” So i accept this challenge, A while ago i designed one page web page for a single page design contest, called TSYR3. Well in this challenge i redesing that page and examine some of the various components. So shall we begin..

Thats my ex-simple page desing.You can see new desing end of the article


I’m not using any grid sample in this desing. But if we look at visually, looks like there is 8 column grid system. To be honest i do not know, nothing much about grid system.


A design with a fixed position. There is a header, have a letter to greet visitors. There is a footer desing of buildings in a small city. There is a 3 x 2 size area where presented designed logos and left there is my twitter updates.  And the top of footer, there is a section for about the designers and contact form.


For the background i use a mixture of brown and black grunge design. Other object has own color, for example; facebook, twitter and friendfeed bottons has own blue color. You can see the color palette used in the above.


I used “Ubuntu, Merienda One and Myriad Pro” fonts you can download from “Google Web Font”.


There is no picture in my design, but i use my character in this design. This is a logo designer portfolio so what else can we expect? : )


This design didn’t appear to be simple, but believe me this is a simple design. I leave you to interpret this subject.

That’s my new single page design

So thats all i got. Let’s hear what you say : )

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